The Essential Marketing Package for Small Businesses

Smart5 Digital Marketing Program

Small Business Marketing

Brand Identity
Small Businesses has specific issues to solve when it comes to marketing. For most cases, the company is in the stage of building the brand. Therefore it is critical to developing a professional brand identity based on what the company is trying to achieve. The brand message could be official, trustworthy and professional, as it should be for an insurance company or any other financial service. Or, may choose to be casual, cool and trendy, as it would need to be for a venue or a fashion brand.

A company’s brand proposition and the image are very fundamental issues, and most of the time, it is a very confusing subject for any small business. A typical small business is good at what they are doing such as a service or retailing or any other area but could spend less of a time trying to identify what the company represents to its potential customers.

Marketing PlanWally Olins brand quote
Before planning for any marketing activity, it is essential to work on the concepts mentioned above, because the most critical issue for marketing is, where and how you are going to focus your marketing efforts. The resources of a small business are limited and therefore where you are spending your time and money is even more critical. Once you set your targets right, then you can start building your tactics based on what you are heading for your business.

Smart5 Digital Marketing Program

Based on our experiences with small businesses in various areas, we have identified five main area of activity where it is crucial to convey your company messages consistently. Each tool and implementation has to support the brand identity, provide a consistent message, and work together to attract new customers.
Planning each effort separately without an integrative approach would harm your sales and profitability in the short and long term.

While creating Smart5 Marketing Solution for small businesses, our primary focus was based on building a consistent message of the brand to the targeted customers, with the purpose of winning in the short and long term, effectively.

The five marketing communication tools mentioned below are the essential set for small businesses. When implemented correctly, this set will help you build or improve your brand, create and maintain customers and run a long term successful business.
There are also other concepts and tools that will help your business such as CRM, loyalty systems, mobile apps, etc. but for small businesses, these come after the primary services are set up efficiently.

2019 digital world figuresSOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT

While many social media channels are gaining popularity, still the main traffic runs through 5 big channels: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and Linkedin**.

The users, habits, trends, and tools to use these channels are almost changing every day with added services, the popularity of specific services. When one channel starts offering a popular service, like “Stories”, others follow with something similar. The customers try and enjoy many new content sharing alternatives such as easy designing tools, video editing support, emojis, and other fun tools. Therefore it is imperative to follow the market and customer trends and plan accordingly.

We make an initial analysis of the social media channels, create them if necessary, create a strategic plan to focus on specific channels with specific themes and messages. Then we create a social media calendar that we plan and implement our strategy and tactics to the channels.

**The popular chat programs such as WhatsApp are left out in this context since their usage and management is totally different.


The website is our home, our address where our customers find us, understand who we are and finally interacts with us.

It is critical that our website is a good representation of our company, how we serve how approachable we are and how interactive. Whether a simple, informative website or an e-commerce site with memberships and sophisticated services, a website is a vital platform to maintain and use effectively.

Our plan includes an analysis of the website, improving the SEO performance for better organic and ad performance, maintaining the information and improving the content. We also make sure the site reflects and communicates all company messages both brand based and sales oriented.

ONLINE ADVERTISING (Google  + Social Media)

While we improve SEO performance of our website and content for organic traffic, it is essential to use the online advertising platforms to drive traffic and manage campaigns.

Google Ads (formerly Google Adwords) is a dominant platform in online advertising, and we are experts in how to utilize this platform in the most effective way. Based on our targets such as brand awareness, lead generation, traffic generation or online sales, we create display or search campaigns as well as video or shopping campaigns wherever is necessary. We follow up and optimize the Ad Campaigns so that every dollar spent actually hits the target.

Social media also offers very targeted and effective advertising options. Facebook and Instagram platforms are leading the market working together under the same platform. Social media, by its nature, has more customer insights, helping us to target the right audience at the right time. With the right content plan, this platform creates impressive results for our clients.


An email blast is an old but still effective communication method that the companies are using. Once your content and messages are frequent or essential to share, and these are attractive or exciting for your customers, email marketing becomes a powerful tool. Let’s admit that it is a low cost (if any) communication method and can be useful if specific rules are followed.

We start with checking out the customer database of the company and then make a plan on how to use or improve this database. And we come up with a plan to utilize the resources the best and effective way.


No matter what your channels and platforms are, they would be useless without creating the right content.

Your customer defines your Content Strategy. A company needs to be well aware of who it is talking to, what messages need to convey and the right time and way to give those messages. Your content’s form should also match your expectations, whether it is in the form of text, image, video, graphics or any other format. A well-balanced content strategy is key to performing well.

Our first focus is to create our Content Strategy that will best serve our potential customers. Then we work on the plan to develop the content that would fit all the platforms to create the best possible effect.

Other Marketing Tools and Services

The reason we are focusing on these top 5 platforms/services is simple: they are the essential set necessary to market any small business, and most of the time it enables the best usage of the budget and time resources.
Of course, based on the market and company growth, we create many campaigns/projects that support the other marketing services such as CRM, Mobile App Development, Loyalty Programs, Traditional Marketing practices and so on.

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