What is marketing outsourcing and will that work for you?

Outsourcing is very common for many functions of the companies and it is helping to improve the efficiency. But how about Marketing Outsourcing? What are the benefits and will it work for you?

Nowadays more and more companies started to outsource their marketing activities. And for many rightful reasons, such as higher quality service, lower cost, easier people management, and competitive advantage over the competitors.

Read below to understand how and for who it works the best and if this can be applied to your company.

What is Marketing Outsourcing

Marketing is the key function to grow your business. Reaching the right customers, at the right time and in the right place is crucial. And you need to use a variety of marketing tools to communicate with your customers. And with the growing digital marketing activities, it is even more complex than before.

Every company needs to prepare a marketing plan to organize their activities, and need a team of marketing people to execute this plan.

Almost all companies do have an in-house marketing team as well as getting a marketing support from agencies, freelancers, and other vendors to execute their plans and strategies. Outsourcing Marketing is getting all your marketing services from an outside agency. Rather than having your in-house marketing team, big or small.

What are the Benefits of Outsource Marketing

There are numerous benefits of outsourcing your marketing activities.You may find below, some of the major advantages and why they are so important for your business:

Quality and Cost Benefits

REACH of EXPERTISE Companies, especially when they are small or medium-sized, are having hard times to fulfill their marketing expertise needs with a small team. Your small team can hardly be an expert in business strategy, planning, budget and team management, as well as social media, website creation, SEO, email marketing, design and many other areas. When you outsource your marketing outsourcing agency, you will have a reach to these areas of expertise through one channel. This creates a great advantage over your competitors.

LOWER COSTS: Of course, one of the biggest advantages of outsourcing your marketing is the cost benefits. Building and maintaining a marketing team is very costly. Salaries, benefits, office space needed, technical tools used and much more. If your operation is still small or growing it is almost impossible to create an efficient team and operation. With outsourcing, you can have just the right amount of marketing support and with a much lower cost. Many companies get 30-40% cost-saving with outsourcing compared to having an in-house team.


People Management

FLEXIBILITY: Sometimes your business grow quickly, or you face seasonal increases, or you need a different set of expertise for a period. It is almost impossible to meet these requirements with a small in-house team. Marketing outsourcing gives you options to extend your operation so quickly, even manage seasonality, or quick access to new areas such as customer loyalty, creating an app, creating special retail solutions and so on.

PEOPLE MANAGEMENT: Managing a group of people is always very hard. You need to recruit the right talent, motivate, train, prepare a career plan and try to keep the right people in the company. People get sick, or their lives change, leave the company and many more unplanned things happen. Outsourcing is a very effective solution for overcoming these costly and hard to manage requirements. You are never limited to some selected people.


MARKET TRENDS / INNOVATION: Generally, Agencies and industry experts always follow-up the trends and new tools, better than companies. The first reason for this is that this is what agencies are selling(new and updated information and trends). Secondly, the agencies work with many companies, therefore having a chance to see many examples in the market. Working with an agency will bring in this advantage to your company.

COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE: Although above reasons are very solid, there is one very important factor. Marketing is not your main business. It is an area of expertise and you would better leave it to the hands of the professionals. Then you will be focusing your other important aspects of business like business development, product, and service etc.

Thing to Consider Before Getting Started with Marketing Outsourcing

Although Outsourcing your marketing has many and obvious advantages, there are a couple of things that you need to consider.

First, to get a good service, you need to select the right partner. This is a long-term relationship and you need to make sure your agency is always there for you. Know your agency, work on the business details, make them learn and understand your business. And you set your requirements so that your agency can provide the best for you. You can always start small and improve your relations with the agency.

Secondly, make sure you make longer plans with your agency. Think, discuss and analyze the future of your business and make sure your agency is getting prepared for what you aim to achieve. Your marketing Outsource agency will be a part of your strategic team, make sure they are a part of the team.

Finally, know that a good start is a planned start. Make your expectations clear as well as what you can offer to your agency. This is a two-way communication and if you work on the details at the beginning, everyone will benefit.


For more, you may read the articles in Forbes, Huffington Post to get more insights on the marketing outsourcing benefits.

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