Facebook Groups vs Facebook Pages

For businesses, It has always been a question mark for which is the right choice, facebook groups or facebook pages. We will shortly touch upon the main differences below and which will be favourable with the new Facebook Algorithm.

Facebook Business Pages

The main reason to choose a business page over the group is the ability to advertise the page. This is not possible with the group. But this is not the only reason. You can also see analytics of the page, be visible outside of Facebook and add applications on the page. These functions help the brand to have a better control over the page and promote their brands

Facebook Groups

The main difference between a Facebook group and the business page is better collaboration with the members. You can send emails to the group members, collaborate on a document. You can also make your Facebook group “secret” meaning you have the chance to choose who will be in the group.
Of course, the main reason to create a group is to bring people together for a cause, an event or an interest. So it is more of a community thing than creating a business page, which basically is your brand page on Facebook.

Which will be more favourable with the “New Facebook Algorithm”?

on January 11th, 2018, Mark Zuckerberg announced the new algorithm, where he said “you can expect to see more from your friends, family, and groups” and that “it should encourage meaningful interactions between people.
He also mentioned that people will see less content from business, brands, and media.
This clearly shows a favourable move to using group pages, but to which extent, it is hard to say at the time. The only thing that is clear is that you should spend more time on how to utilize groups to create engagement and value for your brand and business.

How to Start a Facebook Group?

Facebook Groups can be created on any topic. The only thing to consider, except for general facebook’s limitations, would be to find a topic that serves your purpose.  In this context, since we are starting a group to interact with our potential customers as a business, we need to choose a topic that your potential customers are passionate about. To give an example, if you are selling outdoor sports apparels, it may be wise to start a group for hiking, biking or similar activity which you may essay writing service assume your customers will be interested learning from other people in the group or share their own experiences. This would be a great way to create a platform where you actually interact with the right audience for your business.

To create a facebook group, follow the below steps:
– On the right top side of your Facebook home page, just click the down arrow button to open the menu. Choose “Create Group”
– On the pop-up that appears (as below), choose your group name. Facebook also advises some group topics based on your activity) and the type of the group
– There are 3 types of group to choose from. best would be to choose PUBLIC GROUP for your business. Other options are the Secret Group (where only the members can find and interact) and Closed Group (where people can find the group but cant see the posts shared)
– Now you can invite your friends, choose the picture for your group, and input other details for your group.

Facebook Group creation page

facebook group creation pop-up page


Growing Your Group

After you create your group, the important part would be to make your group popular. At this phase, it would be very important to ask support from your friends. Get things going, by sharing various useful information for the group members.

Good Luck and don’t forget to have fun! 

*** Below is a detailed table to show the differences between Facebook Pages and groups, created by Andrea Vahl, if you want to dig into more details for comparison of pages versus groups

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